Stephanie Gateau

Founder at Handiroad


Stephanie Gateau is the founder and director of an international strategy consulting firm, an export incubator and also of a startup Handiroad, which has won several awards related to diversity and inclusion.
Deaf, autistic and with motor problems, she is also very involved in the fight against discrimination and violence against women with disabilities and promotes female entrepreneurship.
In addition, she is involved on diversity and inclusion issues, particularly in the digital domain, by alerting on the risks, issues and challenges we have to face.

She is a TedX speaker and  she has won many awards including : Talenteo Awards, WomenTech Global Awards, Lauréate Trophées #LetsGoFrance, SESA Finalist CEO ISSC


Session III: AI a chance for a better world?
June 13 • 12:00 – 13:00

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