Yaye Soukeyna Toure

President & CEO
Twins Group Dakar Senegal


Yaye Soukeyna Toure Having grown up in Europe, particularly in France from where she attended part of her Secondary studies, then Superior in Lyon in specialization – Administration-Economy-Social – Sukena decided to return to the fold to serve her country, Senegal, in 1990. Her first professional experience was with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), where she held a Director position for 5 good years.
She will then pursue a specialization in English at Wagner College in New York, which will allow her to speak and work easily in English. Back in Senegal, Sukena creates its company called TWINS (Trade Makers WordWide Investments & Services) and a women and youth association RAPIDES composed today, more than 25,000 members across the 14 regions of Senegal. She travels the world in search of partners. Its palette is open to Entrepreneurs, Government Authorities and local elected representatives.
To develop her homeland, Mrs Sukena multiplies her initiatives: she supervises and finances young people and women in development projects Actress and Trainer in Female Leadership, Sukena collaborates with various governmental authorities, associations, companies, around the world. She is an activist of Formation, the lever on which she wants to rely, for a better effectiveness of the parity. Sukena TOURE devoted to humanitarian causes, having organized several works for the poor.
A major player in the fight against poverty through the development of entrepreneurship, Sukena has set up an Innovative and Responsible Financial-Solidarity-Decentralized System”WORKPAY.ME” whose mission is to promote the access of the poor to the poor, financial services in order to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way: this structure sets up Microfinance products and services for this purpose. Soukeyna has created her own Cosmetics Line called “DULCE”.
She is a member of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide, the FCEM In fact, she was inspired by an unsurpassed pragmatism; a model she wants to inculcate in the women and young people of her country.


SDGs: Opening New Roads for Sustainability
Sept. 19 • 13:30 – 14:30

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