Suvendrini Kakuchi

Journalist and Media Development consultant


Suvendrini Kakuchi is a journalist and currently foreign correspondent for University World News, based in London, United Kingdom. Her focus is on Japan-Asia relations with an emphasis on international aid, higher education, and sustainable development issues such an environment, minorities and conflicts. Recently her experience has involved the professional communication of Japanese primary school education projects in Bangladesh, and disaster preparedness education in Asia. Her methods involved developing unique publications such as a student diary similar to Japanese “renrakucho” used in schools between teacher and students parents, student newspapers and the integration of local media and culture into Japanese disaster risk reduction training. She is also the author of two books in Japan published by Iwanami Junior Publishing house examining disaster volunteerism and the experience of foreigners living in Japan. She is also on several panels in Japanese organizations as advisor in the expansion of Japan to Asia in business, education and entertainment. Kakuchi`s journalism career spans three decades. She is a Sri Lankan national married to a Japanese with family in Tokyo. She is a past Nieman Fellow from Harvard University, U.S.A and also the recipient of Japanese Foreign Press Center fellowship for South Asian journalists in 1984. Her goal in her writing is to deepen the understanding between Japan and particularly South Asia to strengthen regional relations.


SDGs: Opening New Roads for Sustainability
Sept. 19 • 13:30 – 14:30

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