Nicholas Kunga

Convener/ Coordinator
Sustainability Impact Network Africa/ Detra-Africa


Nicholas Ngece is Convener for the Sustainability Impact Network Africa, the promoters of the Sustainability Impact Awards in Africa and a Partner/ Director at Detra-Africa, a regional Training, Development and Research think tank in Africa. He is a Sustainability Specialist with 18 years’ experience in development, design, planning and management of Donor, Private Sector and Government funded Sustainability programmes. He has worked extensively with international organizations, including WWF, IUCN, IIRR, EU, CO2BALANCE, Swedish SIDA, UKAID/AFD Green Mini Grids Facility. He is a member of the IUCN BIOPAMA TAC for Eastern Africa, UNDP SGP TAC and also supporting Environment and Climate programming at Embu County Government in Kenya. Nicholas is a 4-time global finalist and 2 time global winner on developing Sustainability community based enterprises. He has a passion for developing and managing small and large programmes for communities, small organizations, governments, international organizations, private sector and donor institutions.


SDGs: Opening New Roads for Sustainability
Sept. 19 • 13:30 – 14:30

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