Brian Wilson

Host of The Daily 2


Brian is an experienced, well-known and respected cryptocurrency evangelist. He began his career in electronics and IT nearly 20 years ago which primed him for a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and the importance it provides. He moved to Japan and began training electronics and IT systems and during that time heard about and became heavily involved in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. He started some businesses there, including a Cryptocurrency bar where he has meetups and teaches about Cryptocurrency Mining, as well as the importance of this technology to the world. It is called Bar{76}; and focuses on how blockchain technology can change the world for the better… to include discussing Meshek{76}; a company engaged in exploration, development and optimization of autonomous and sustainable agriculture and Captial{76}; a company focused on sustainable crypto currency mining… and their positive impacts on the world. Brian started podcasting for for a while, but he currently creates Blockchain related content for as well as the Platinum Engineering Team. He’s reviewed and advised on multiple ICO’s and has become a partner of the biggest cryptocurrency mining farm in Israel called Capital{76}; which is exploding with technology and innovation.
Brian spent 6 years in the US Navy where he traveled the world and became very concerned about the financial hardships experienced globally because of wars, separation and economic inequality. After meeting Yonathan Parienti and learning about Horyou, Brian has become a partner of Horyou as well helping spread social for good. He is an active participant in SIGEF, helping the UN with their 2030 agenda by working to help solve the 17 SDG’s. Brian is an asset to the decentralized future. Brian often says “We need to Be The Change we want to see in the world, and it will take all of us doing our part”. Especially because of his time in the military, he wants to see an end to wars, destruction, separation and economic inequality in the world and believes the blockchain technology, combined with other technologies, are the way forward.

Master of Ceremony

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