Rebeca Riofrio

Director and Chairperson, UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion & Sports

An adept orchestrator of artistry and academia, Rebeca Riofrio presides as the Director and Chairperson for the UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion & Sports. Her visionary leadership at the helm of Art in Fusion TV and her strategic role in marketing at Anglia Ruskin University London are testament to a career devoted to the elevation of arts, fashion, and education.

Spanning over two decades in the higher education sector in the UK, Rebeca’s tenure is distinguished by her enduring commitment to nurturing the confluence of artistic innovation and commercial acumen. A vital member of the Foreign Commonwealth Council and an appointed UK Deputy Director for Fashion & Arts at the British Chinese Youth Federation, she exemplifies leadership that transcends boundaries.

Rebeca’s formative professional experiences include her pivotal role as the personal assistant to Ms. Martha Gellhorn, the eminent American novelist and war correspondent. Under Gellhorn’s mentorship, Rebeca honed her ability to articulate the essence of her observations through the power of storytelling, a skill that she elegantly balances with her entrepreneurial spirit.

Her repertoire with illustrious brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Dolce & Gabbana, coupled with her expertise in fashion and marketing consultancy, has positioned her as an authority in orchestrating global campaigns for luxury brands. As a seasoned business mentor and trained counsellor, Rebeca is dedicated to guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs and luminaries.

Rebeca’s film production prowess, endorsed by her eight-year tenure with direct accreditation from the Cannes Film Festival, has enabled her to capture the cinematic elite’s narratives, further enhancing her influential status in media.

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