Paul-Hélie Magdelenat

Vice President of Business Development Alphaverse – CBI

Paul-Hélie is a dedicated professional driving the Web3 industry forward, specializing in business development and strategic growth. As the Vice President of Business Development at Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI), Paul-Hélie advances CBI’s presence in the Web3 ecosystem by developing the metaverse AlphaVerse and investing in innovative blockchain companies.

With expertise beyond Web3, Paul-Hélie served in mergers and acquisitions at Natixis, where he managed complex deals and fostered valuable partnerships. As a venture capital professional, Paul-Hélie identified and nurtured promising startups, contributing to their growth and success.

Prior to his current roles, Paul-Hélie built a strong foundation in finance and technology, enhancing his skills in project management and strategic planning. His practical approach and dedication to the blockchain industry are key to his professional endeavors.


Session IV: Inclusive Coding for a Better World
June 18 • 15:30 – 16:30

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