Lorraine Castagna

Founder & Director of Medicast – Medical Beauty Spot

Lorraine Castagna is a Maltese entrepreneur who discovered her passion for aesthetics through her role in Malta’s leading electronics-segment family business, run together with her husband.

Lorraine, who is the mother of a prospective doctor and lawyer, who are in their final year of studies, developed her passion by following some of the best surgeons in Italy.

She is the founder & director of Medicast which operates Medical Beauty Spot aesthetic clinics in Milan & Malta. Assisting and handling clients through a relationship culture is ingrained in her approach which she developed over the years. The same can apply in terms of acquiring clients.

She oversees the operations of both clinics which were built around the needs of her esteemed clientele, focusing on the application of technology to satisfy the needs of the clinics’ clients. This high level of service is ensured through continuous investment in technology and resources,

The efforts of Lorraine’s experience made Medicast the place to go for personalised, non-invasive, medical aesthetic treatments who in turn become loyal customers who value relationships as much as services.

Valuable time with family and friends remain a priority to her, as much as her passion for fitness.


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June 13 • 12:00 – 13:00

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