Hailey Ciantar

Advocate for environmental sustainability, equality and youth empowerment


Born and raised in Malta, Hailey Ciantar is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability, equality and youth empowerment.

Appointed by the European Commission, Hailey took on the prestigious role of EU Bioeconomy Youth Ambassador. Demonstrating her commitment to spreading awareness and knowledge about the bioeconomy, Hailey recently translated a children’s book about bioeconomy from English to Maltese. Recognizing her achievements and passion, The Malta Independent on Sunday interviewed Hailey, shedding light on her role as an Ambassador and her activism. The interview provided an opportunity for Hailey to share her insights, discussing the potential benefits of adopting a bioeconomic model in Malta’s economy.

In 2021, Hailey graduated from St Aloysius College (SAC) Sixth Form, where she co-founded the first-ever SAC Green Council, now known as the SAC Green Team. Hailey’s early dedication to environmental causes laid the foundation for her future endeavours and solidified her determination to contribute to positive change. Currently, Hailey is pursuing a degree in Global Law at Tilburg University.

Her activism extends beyond environmental causes, as she actively promotes equality and youth empowerment. In June, she will be a featured speaker at the SIGEF Women Summit in Malta, where she will address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls. Hailey’s involvement in this prestigious event exemplifies her dedication to promoting equal opportunities and empowering women, particularly young women, worldwide.


Session III: AI a chance for a better world?
June 13 • 12:00 – 13:00

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