Gabriel Amiel

President and Founder of Invest Capital Group

As President and Founder of Invest Capital Group, Gabriel oversees the execution of each investment with the goal of maximizing returns while ensuring the firm’s exposure continues to grow through innovative marketing strategies. He plays a critical role in meeting investment objectives and monitoring portfolio assets.

Gabriel provides ongoing strategic direction to the firm’s senior leadership while simultaneously maintaining an intense focus on its performance and fiduciary responsibility to its investors. He leads the decision- making process at the organization’s highest level on both the asset management and investment.

Gabriel began his career in software applications in France, ultimately selling his company in 2000. He co-founded NextFund Capital Partners, a private equity fund that targeted midsize companies, and founded Ginvest, a real estate fund focused on commercial and residential properties in the European market. In 2004, Gabriel took his investment expertise to the US and founded Real Fund Capital, headquartered in Aventura, Florida targeting commercial and residential income-producing properties. In 2008, Gabriel co-founded ESJ Capital Partners and a Luxembourg Investment Fund. Ten years later, he decided to sell his stake in ESJ to create Invest Capital Group.

Gabriel’s entrepreneurial nature and experience in real estate, finance and private equity combined with his knowledge of developing venture business in Europe and the USA has helped him successfully execute strategic objectives at each of his companies.

Gabriel currently sits on the Board of Directors of various companies as well as the Advisory Board of the University of Miami’s Master of Real Estate Development and Urbanism Program. Gabriel holds a master’s degree in computer science and finance, Strategy & Entrepreneurship.


Opening Remarks
June 18 • 9:00 – 9:30

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