Elizabeth de Moraes

CEO of E.L.I. Productions

Elizabeth de Moraes, M.A., M.F.A., is the CEO of E.L.I. Productions, an acclaimed speaker, master communication coach, transformational coach, and former professional international dancer with a career spanning multiple decades. Renowned for transforming individuals into captivating and confident communicators on stage, on camera, and in leadership roles, her clientele includes C-suite executives, corporate teams, reality TV stars, elite athletes, and industry leaders.
Elizabeth’s extensive background in speaking, performing arts, and transformational coaching equips her with a dynamic expertise that she uses to mentor others in stage presence, storytelling, and emotional connection with their audiences, especially when the stakes are high. Her extensive international experience and multi-country living provides her with a unique perspective and skill set, enabling her to understand, navigate, and teach diverse cultural nuances effectively.
As a charismatic keynote and TEDx speaker, Elizabeth engages international audiences with insightful presentations. In her roles as an Emcee and panel moderator, she ensures a seamless and energized event flow, captivating global audiences with her poise and charm. Additionally, as the host of her TV show “Dare to Unleash with Elizabeth de Moraes,” she shares her wealth of knowledge along with inspiring stories from her guests.
Working with high-level leaders from various countries and cultures, Elizabeth helps individuals and companies bridge gaps and foster understanding to enhance communication and grow their businesses and missions across cultural lines. Her commitment to empowering others through superior communication techniques and speaking skills makes her an invaluable resource for international leaders seeking to enhance their presence and impact.


Session III: Women in Entrepreneurship: an Inspirational Journey
June 18 • 11:00 – 12:30

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