Clotilde Herman

Interior Designer


Clotilde Herman is a French interior designer who established herself in the highly competitive world of interior decoration and design. Born in 1976 in Reims, she grew up in a family of entrepreneurs where she developed a passion for art and aesthetics from a young age. From her teenage years, Clotilde Herman began exploring different forms of art and design, delving into architecture books, visiting museums, attending exhibitions, and traveling to discover new cultures and inspiring landscapes. She settled in Corsica in 1999, where she learned to mix styles and materials to create harmonious and functional spaces. In 2008, Clotilde Herman founded her own interior architecture firm, focusing on creating innovative and personalized concepts for her clients.

She worked on residential, commercial, and institutional projects in France and abroad, using her creativity and expertise to design unique spaces that reflect her clients’ personality and style. Clotilde Herman is recognized for her holistic approach to interior architecture, taking into account both the aesthetic and functional aspect of the space, as well as environmental and sustainable considerations. She works with local artisans to create unique and bespoke pieces, and favours ecological materials and eco-friendly solutions to minimize the environmental impact of her projects.


Opening Remarks
June 13 • 9:00 – 9:30

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