Claire Azzopardi

Founder and Head Coach at Pembroke Athleta Gymnastics

From a young age, Claire displayed an extraordinary aptitude for sports, driven by a family that encouraged physical activity and healthy competition. Her early years were marked by participation in artistic gymnastics.

Claire’s talent became evident during her teenage years as she competed and represented Malta in various competitions throughout her career in this sport. She quickly started establishing herself as a standout athlete in Malta. By the age of 15, Claire had represented Malta at the Gymnastics European Championships and also medaled at the Small Nation Games. After these games she decided to retire from the sport and move onto a different discipline, track and field.

Claire’s international career in track and field began in earnest when she represented Malta at the European Athletics Team Championships in 2017.  Over the next few years, Claire competed in numerous international events, steadily improving her personal bests and earning respect from her peers and competitors. She represented Malta at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and European Athletics Championships amongst other major events.

Her first international medal came at the Championships of the Small States in 2021, where she won gold in the Long Jump event. This victory was a turning point in her career, marking her as one of the top jumpers in Malta.

Claire Azzopardi’s list of achievements is impressive. She holds the 4x100m Maltese National Record. Her training and determination culminated in her participation in the Games of the Small States of Europe in 2023. She managed to win 3 gold medals at these home games.

Beyond her athletic prowess, Claire is also the founder of a local gymnastics club. The ever growing club has over 200 members practicing artistic gymnastics on different levels.

In her personal life, Claire is known for her love for animals. She enjoys helping out in dog shelters during her free time.

Claire Azzopardi’s legacy extends beyond her medals and records. She has been a pioneer for Maltese athletes, proving that with hard work and determination, athletes from small nations can compete on the world stage. Her journey has inspired countless young athletes in Malta to pursue their dreams, and her impact on the sport will be felt for generations to come.


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