Caroline Denes

Real Estate Digital Transformation Advisor

With over twenty years’ experience across diverse industries ranging from B2B SaaS technologies, real estate, construction, and the automotive industry, Caroline DENES has developed a robust skill set that spans across sectors and continents, including Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Her professional journey is characterized by a deep curiosity and a strong commitment to project excellence, enabling her to manage the full lifecycle of strategic projects in real estate and beyond. From design phase to completion, she focuses on enhancing user experiences, optimizing operational results, seizing new opportunities, and driving effective implementations as part of digital transformation.

Her leadership approach is deeply rooted in optimal human relations. This quality not only enhances her team management but also her interactions with customers, reinforcing her belief that the heart of a successful business lies in building authentic and lasting relationships.

A key aspect of her expertise is her understanding of the importance of diversity within teams. This insight has been crucial in delivering projects that meet community expectations and end-user satisfaction. By fostering an inclusive environment, she ensures that diverse perspectives are integrated, which contributes to enriching project outcomes and stimulating innovation.

Caroline is passionately committed to promoting women’s rights and inclusion in the workplace and beyond, working to motivate women to lead and to understand how to have a greater impact on society through fairer representation. Her advocacy and efforts aim to create environments where gender equality is not only encouraged but expected, paving the way for future generations of women to flourish in all professional spheres.


Session IV: Inclusive Coding for a Better World
June 18 • 15:30 – 16:30

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