Carla Ortiz

Goodwill Ambassador

Carla Ortiz is the most prominent actress in Bolivia and with the greatest international recognition. She is also a host and producer. She was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where she began her modeling career at age 13. She studied Performing Arts in the United States and moved to Mexico where she participated in successful telenovelas such as Gotita de amor, Mujeres deceived and Secreto de amor. In 2005 she moved to Los Angeles, she hosted several television shows (Xcape, E! Extreme and Access Hollywood) and participated in series such as Baywatch, CSI: Miami and Without a Trace. In cinema she has participated, among other films, in Los Andes do not believe in God (2007), Write me postcards to Copacabana (2009), Black Limousine (2010), The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernández (2012) by Elia Petridis, where she played lead role alongside renowned Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine. In 2014, she starred in The Curse of The Mayans, a science fiction film inspired by Mayan legends. She was chosen by Esquire magazine as one of the sexiest women on the planet. She founded Flor de Loto where she launched as a producer of Olvidados, a film that she also co-wrote and stars in. The latter represented Bolivia at the 2015 Oscars for best foreign film. In 2023 she premieres in 3rd season of La Reina del Sur. She is currently in production of her upcoming documentaries in Afghanistan and North Korea.

She devotes much of her time to philanthropic work. Her interests focus on education, ecology and humanitarian aid. She is co-founder of several associations for altruistic purposes and in 2011 she created the Carla Ortiz Foundation to raise funds and help the victims of the natural disasters that occurred in Bolivia that same year, for which she received the highest decoration in her country, the Gold Medal of Congress as an outstanding citizen and ambassador for the maritime recovery of Bolivia. In addition to receiving countless decorations, the United States Congress also drafted an act recognizing her philanthropic work and the impact of her film work on humanity. At the COP22 world event held in Marrakesh by the United Nations in November 2016, she received the award for the best initiative to empower women with her debut as director of the documentary “Voice of Syria”. She received the “Cartagine” award for the defense of peace and the preservation of human rights in Italy in 2017. Today she is a Human Rights Ambassador for DESI (European Department of Security and Information for the UN). She is HRIC’s Special Envoy for the Middle East in Geneva and creator of the Respira festival, where she promotes Bolivian fashion, music, art and culture to the world.

Passionate about supporting the work of artisans in her native Bolivia, Carla is also the Brand Ambassador for the ‘Fashion House of Beatriz Canedo Patiño’ the pioneer sustainable luxury maison dedicated to the bespoke creation of timeless designs in vicuña, alpaca & llama.

Twitter/Intagram: @carlaortizo Facebook: @carlaortizofficial

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